<Quantum|Spin|Thermal> Interactions

Photons are the indivisible particles or quanta (space-time wavepackets) of energy that make up light. The familiar example of light sources including the sun or a laser consists of billions of photons. Our group aims to harness and engineer the “particle” nature of this individual quantum of light and the noise properties which become critical on interaction with matter. Another major focus in the group is the conversion of thermal radiation into electricity as well as the control of heat flow at the nanoscale. We are involved in fundamental studies of heat transfer, experiments on engineered thermal materials and explorations of non-equilibrium quantum phenomena.

We are involved in both theory as well as experiment and collaborate with groups locally and around the world. We look forward to working with researchers from industry and academia so please send us an email if you have questions or comments.


Selected Recent Publications

Super-Coulombic atom-atom interactions in hyperbolic media  
C. Cortes and Z. Jacob
Nature Communications 8, 14144 (2017)

All-dielectric metamaterials
S. Jahani and Z. Jacob
Nature Nanotechnology, 11(1), 23-26, (2016)

Controlling thermal emission with refractory epsilon-near-zero metamaterials via topological transitions
P. N. Dyachenko*, S. Molesky*, A. Yu Petrov, M. Störmer, T. Krekeler, S. Lang, M. Ritter, Z. Jacob M. Eich,
Nature Communications 7, 11809, (2016) (* equal author contribution)