Near-field Spin Photonics

Our work led to a fundamental understanding of universal spin-momentum locking of light and near-field properties of light's polarization.

Spin-Momentum Locked Forces

We introduced a universal right handed electromagnetic triplet consisting of electromagnetic momentum, decay and spin.

Dirac Wire

We introduced fermionic waveguides to explore spatial dynamics of electron spin in Dirac's equation.

Quantum Gyro-Electric Phase of Matter

We have predicted the existence of a new topological phase of matter exhibiting photon spin-1 quantization.

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Super-Planckian Radiative Heat Transfer

Explore how engineered materials and 2D materials can be exploited for thermal radiation beyond the black-body limit.

Thermal Spin Photonics

We have shown that spin polarized thermal radiation is a striking feature of non-equilibrium as well as non-reciprocal systems.

High Temperature Polaritonic Ceramics

High temperature materials with unique properties are a major focus of our research with multiple engineering applications.

Energy Applications

Read about our experimental achievements of controlling thermal radiation at 1000C and beyond

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Vacuum Friction

We discovered the existence of a singular resonance in moving media that leads to giant enhancement of vacuum fluctuations.

Super-Coulombic Interactions

Controlling materials physics opens the route to long-range dipolar interactions between quantum emitters.

Quantum Pulse Scattering Theory

We have developed a theoretical framework to understand Fock state pulses interacting with defects in spin systems with long-range interactions.

Quantum Detectors

Modeling and design of the next generation of detectors exploiting phase transitions