Theory-driven consortium of experimental research group

Technologies at the quantum-classical boundary

Fundamental research on electrodynamic fluctuations coupled to matter

Field theory education beyond spectral boundaries

Spin Electrodynamics

Thermal Electrodynamics

Quantum Electrodynamics

Nano Electrodynamics

Machine Learning Electrodynamics

EUV to Microwave Electrodynamics


Super-Planckian Radiative Heat Transfer

    Explore how engineered materials and 2D materials can be exploited for thermal radiation beyond the black-body limit.

Thermal Spin Photonics

    We have shown that spin polarized thermal radiation is a striking feature of non-equilibrium as well as non-reciprocal systems.

High Temperature Polaritonic Ceramics

    High temperature materials with unique properties are a major focus of our research with multiple engineering applications.