Spin Electrodynamics

    Discovery of topological electromagnetic phases of matter

    Universal spin-momentum locking of light

    Quantum+Nano Electrodynamics

    Design of new quantum detectors
    * Single photon detection using quantum phase transitionsr

    Prediction of giant vacuum friction
    * Negative frequency resonance

    Super-Coulombic dipole-dipole interactions
    * Theory prediction and experimental demonstration with collaborators

    Photonic skin-depth engineering
    * Proposed relaxed total internal reflection
    * Experimental validation on-chip with collaborators

    Thermal Electrodynamics

    High temperature materials
    * Thermal Metamaterials
    * Polaritonic Ceramics

    Super-Planckian heat transfer with engineered materials

    Thermal spin photonics

    EUV Electrodynamics

    Cherenkov radiation source of EUV radiation

    Plasmons in silicon with energies above 10ev