Single Photon Detectors

  1. Single-photon pulse induced giant response in N>100 qubit system
    Li-Ping Yang and Zubin Jacob
    npj Quantum Information 6, 76 (2020)

  1. Probabilistic vortex crossing criterion for superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
    Saman Jahani, Li-Ping Yang, Adrián Buganza Tepole, Joseph C. Bardin, Hong X. Tang and Zubin Jacob
    Journal of Applied Physics 127, 143101 (2020)


Spin Photonics

  1. Unidirectional Maxwellian spin waves
    T. V. Mechelen, and Z. Jacob
    Nanophotonics 8(8) 1399 (2019) [Editor’s suggestion]

  1. Universal spin-momentum locking of evanescent waves
    T. V. Mechelen and Z. Jacob
    Optica 3 (2), 118-126 (2016)


Topological Electromagnetic Phases of Matter

  1. Recent advances in 2D, 3D and higher-order topological photonics
    Minkyung Kim, Zubin Jacob and Junsuk Rho
    Light: Science & Applications 9, 130 (2020)

  1. Nonlocal topological electromagnetic phases of matter
    T. V. Mechelen, and Z. Jacob
    Physical Review B 99 (20) 205 146 (2019)

    • Editor’s suggestion

  1. Photonic Dirac monopoles and skyrmions: spin-1 quantization
    T. Van Mechelen, and Z. Jacob
    Opt. Mater. Express 9, 95-111 (2019)

  1. Quantum gyroelectric effect: Photon spin-1 quantization in continuum topological bosonic phases
    T. Van Mechelen and Z. Jacob
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  1. Universal spin-momentum locked optical forces
    F. Kalhor, T. Thundat and Z. Jacob
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 (6), 061102 (2016)


Extreme-Ultra-Violet Photonics

  1. Extreme ultraviolet plasmonics and Cherenkov radiation in silicon
    P. Shekhar, S. Pendharker, H. Sahasrabudhe, D. Vick, M. Malac, R. Rahman, and Z. Jacob
    Optica 5, 1590-1596 (2018)


Dipole-Dipole Interactions

  1. Super-Coulombic atom–atom interactions in hyperbolic media
    C. L. Cortes, and Z. Jacob
    Nature Communications 8, 14144 (2017)

  1. Observation of long-range dipole-dipole interactions in hyperbolic metamaterials
    W. D. Newman, C. L. Cortes, A. Afshar, K. Cadien, Al Meldrum, R. Fedosejevs, and Z. Jacob
    Science Advances 4, 10 (2018)


On-Chip Photonics

  1. All-dielectric metamaterials
    S. Jahani and Z. Jacob
    Nature Nanotechnology 11(1), 23-26 (2016)

  1. Transparent subdiffraction optics: nanoscale light confinement without metal
    Saman Jahani and Z. Jacob
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  1. Controlling evanescent waves using silicon photonic all-dielectric metamaterials for dense integration
    S. Jahani, S. Kim, J. Atkinson, J. C. Wirth, F. Kalhor, A. A. Noman, W. D. Newman, P. Shekhar, K. Han, V. Van, R. G. DeCorby, L. Chrostowski, M. Qi, and Z. Jacob
    Nature Communications 9, 1893 (2018)


Nanoscale Radiative Heat Transfer

  1. Thermal Spin Photonics in the Near-Field of Non-Reciprocal Media
    C. Khandekar and Z. Jacob
    New. J. Phys. 21 103030 (2019)

  1. Circularly polarized thermal radiation from nonequilibrium coupled antennas
    C. Khandekar, and Z. Jacob
    Physical Review Applied 12 (1) 014503 (2019)

  1. Broadband super-Planckian thermal emission from hyperbolic metamaterialss
    Y. Guo, C. L. Cortes, S. Molesky, and Z. Jacob
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 131106 (2012)

    • Featured as a research highlight of the issue by the Editor


High Temperature Thermal Photonics

  1. Controlling thermal emission with refractory epsilon-near-zero metamaterials via topological transitions
    P. N. Dyachenko*, S. Molesky*, A. Yu Petrov, M. Störmer, T. Krekeler, S. Lang, M. Ritter, Z. Jacob and M. Eich
    Nature Communications 7, 11809, (2016) (* equal author contribution

  1. High temperature epsilon-near-zero and epsilon-near-pole metamaterial emitters for thermophotovoltaics
    S. Molesky, C. Dewalt and Z. Jacob
    Opt. Exp., V.21, Issue S1 pp. A96-A110 (2012)

  1. High Temperature Polaritons in Ceramic Nanotube Antennas
    R. Starko-Bowes, X. Wang, Z. Xu, S. Pramanik, N. Lu, T. Li, Z. Jacob
    Nano letters 19, 12, 8565-8571 (2019)

    • Selected for online cover


Super-Resolution Imaging

  1. Axial super-resolution evanescent wave tomography
    S.Pendharker, S. Shende, W. Newman, S. Ogg, N. Nazemifard, and Z. Jacob
    Optics Letters, 41(23), 5499-5502


Vacuum Flucutations

  1. Singular evanescent wave resonances in moving media
    Y. Guo and Z. Jacob
    Opt. Ex., Vol. 22, Issue 21, pp. 26193-26202 (2014)

  1. Giant nonequilibrium vacuum friction: Role of singular evanescent wave resonances in moving media
    Y. Guo and Z. Jacob
    J. Opt. 16 114023 (2014)

  1. PT-symmetric spectral singularity and negative-frequency resonance
    S. Pendharker, Y. Guo, F. Khosravi, and Z. Jacob
    Physical Review A 95 (3), 033817 (2017)