PhD Alumni
Dr. Sean Molesky
Dr. Ward Newman
Dr. Saman Jahani
Dr. Cristian Cortes
Dr. Prashant Shekhar
Dr. Ryan Starko-Bowes

Post-doctoral Alumni
Dr. Sarang Pendharker
Dr. Parijat Sengupta

M.S. Alumni
Yu Guo
Huan Hu
Prashant Shekhar
Jonathan Atkinson


Vacuum Friction

    We discovered the existence of a singular resonance in moving media that leads to giant enhancement of vacuum fluctuations.

Quantum Pulse Scattering Theory

    We have developed a theoretical framework to understand Fock state pulses interacting with defects in spin systems with long-range interactions.

Single Photon Detectors

    Modeling and design of the next generation of detectors exploiting phase transitions.